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Outsourcing can provide your business with predictable, highly reliable, business focused services.
To be business focused, these services are flexible, proactive and based on your business strategy, thus providing added-value to your organisation.
The primary driver of outsourced services is to reduce the load of those in your organisation who have other core areas to manage.

Data visibility and usability

Your data can be very usefull to you.
We can help you discover things you did not know you knew.
There can be a lot of hidden information in your books and files.
If the correct data is stored, managed centrally and made available correctly it can increase the efficiency of your business.

Your staff don't need to be computer wizards to:

  • Produce fast professional quotes
  • Get invoices out fast
  • Track outstanding income
  • Produce useful reports
  • Price projects quickly
  • Keep track of stores
  • And much More

Data Security

Your data is backed up but you do not know if it will do you any good when you need it?
Your data has never been backed up, how can you back it up?
We can offer a few services that might help your peace of mind:

  • Backup design - we look at your data and design a backup strategy and tape rotation system.
  • Rotation Strategy - we look at your backups and produce a tape rotation that will give you the best recovery options.
  • Off site storage - we collect and store your tapes off site according to a strategy which best suits your data requirements.
  • Backup Management - we check your backup system each day, fix any problems we find, and can even change the tapes for you if you want us to.
  • Disaster recovery testing - we periodically attempt to recover your systems from your backups to prove that they work.


Telephones and related systems are becoming more and more a part of business.
The better set up your telephones are the better you can communicate.

At Cybericom we promote the use of IP telephony which is based on standard computer systems instead of additional telephone wires and equipment.

Whats the difference? a bit technical but:
Modern telephones use TDM also known as circuit-switched technology, this creates an end-to-end connection to complete a call over specialised hardware and wires.
IP telephones, on the other hand, use packet switching, a method that involves breaking a call into pieces of data for more efficient delivery, it then reassembles them at the other end, It uses standard computer systems to carry the call.

Your existing computers could be used as phones, think of the potential saving.
Inter office calls can be routed over the internet without incurring phone bills.


You need new features or extra capacity integrated with your existing network.
You need a network.
A network can help provide the following features:

  • Sharing data - around the office, the country or the world.
  • Backing up your data - so you do not lose anything vital when a pc breaks.
  • Sharing printers - so you do not have to have as many.
  • Accessing group services - like email or calendar for each desktop machine.
  • Centralised access to the Internet - and security from the Internet.
We can help you discover what will best suit your company.
Then we can design and build the solution for you.


Support is available in a package tailored to your needs, here are a few examples of what can be included in the package:

  • Telephone Support - Access to knowledgeable people who can help you out with a wide range of technical issues.
  • Action Response - For your piece of mind you can call out an engineer to solve a problem.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance - Remote and on site maintenance and problem solving by our engineers.
  • On Site Support - A dedicated staff member who works at your premises and provides assistance to your staff, with the technical backing of our team.
  • Database Administration (coming soon)- a DBA to keep your database happy and healthy.

Systems Check

Does your infrastructure do what you need it to?
Is it doing the best it can for your business?
Is it held together by a shoe string about to fall down about you?
We can give your infrastructure the once over to see if it meets your requirements and our recommendations for suitability, performance, security, availability and reliability.

Office Move

Moving office can cause all sorts of unforeseen things to occur;
With our experience in the field we can help prevent such things and help you prepare well in advance.
The following are just a few issues to be considered before moving:

  • IT Infrastructure - space, power, connectivity, cooling, security, equipment.
  • Communications - capacity, types, lead time.
  • Connectivity - cables or wireless or both, quantity of connections, costs.
  • Downtime - can you afford any? If not, how do you prevent it?
  • Cost - direct and indirect costs like lost work hours.
  • Time - How long will it take from start to finish?
  • Your staff - Keeping them updated, and making their lives easier.
  • Information - do the right people know what they need to know as things progress? Customers? Staff? Directors? Cleaners?


  • Bandwidth and Cost
    The Internet can be a great tool to assist in productivity, however there are costs involved in connecting.
    Do you have the right bandwidth?
    Is it resilient enough to support your requirements?
    Is it the most cost effective method of getting the connection you need?
  • Services
    • E-mail
      You want your staff to have access to e-mail?
      You want your e-mail to work better?
      You can not access your e-mail where you want to (at home)?
      You are plagued by junk email and you want it to stop?
    • Web Access
      You want your staff to have access to the web?
      You need protection from bad web sites?
    • Web site
      You want your customers to find your business on the net?
      You want to sell your goods or services via the web?
      Your web site needs an update?
We can help you select and build the Internet features you need for your business.

Group Coordination

You want to see what time you have free tomorrow, but your PA is out to lunch?
You need to know if the meeting room is free?
You have actioned someone to do something, have they done it, it is due tomorrow?
We can help put together a calendaring system that will let you do all this and more.


You can ask us to buy you any IT you need, we will use our contacts in the IT market to get as good a deal as we can.
We can not promise we will beat a quote you get elsewhere but we will use the buying force of all our customers to try to put a bit of pressure on the suppliers to get a deal that is good for you.

We can help
Make your computers work harder at increasing your profits.

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