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About Us

Cybericom - The People who make computers make sense!


As a growing company, we at Cybericom, feel we have the experience to help your business grow too. We are here to help with strategy development, outsourcing of infrastructure design and implementation of all IT solutions.

We are driven to be the technology department you want for your business.

Based in central Northamptonshire we can provide services to customers throughout Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

We will ensure that your technology systems:

  • Are suited to your business needs
  • Provide business driven solutions
  • Can accommodate the changes required to allow your business to be truly competitive.
  • Are able to keep your information safe, secure and available for use.

We can as easily be an extension of an existing IT department to supplement your in house skills when they need the extra resources.

We will look after your technology so that you can concentrate on developing your core business, after all you didn't go into business to do IT, did you?

Information is what your businesses runs on, the easier it is to use, manipulate and communicate the easier success will be.

Your business and our knowledge of information, communication and business integration can form a winning team: If you need support, consultancy services or equipment call us on 01604 813 583.

Analysis of your business requirements is core to our methods, thus we develop solutions that are tailored to your business.
Are you big enough to employ a computer manager?
If not, use Cybericom instead.

Are you managing your company, or the computers?